Some things…

I have a bit free time, so decided to post something, though don’t know what to talk about. At the moment everyone and everything is engaged in politics and elections, and I bet mostl of them are fed up with it from the moment they start thinking about it. I belong to that group as well.

Yesterday our entire block didn’t have electricity and everything was dark around. My brother kind of kiddingly said: “Hehe… I see Levon is back”. Now everyone are intrigued by the ex-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s return into the political arena and his efforts to become President of the Republic of Armenia once more. Years of his presidency are remembered by people as “dark years”, to which I referred in this blog long before his “Second Advent”. However, whatever happens and whoever wins the upcoming presidential elections, “dark years” will always serve as metonymy to Mr. Ter-Petrosyan.

On a different note, finally I grew my hair long enough to cut it equally in a line, so that they be of one length. Actually I managed to withstand everyone’s’ persuasions to cut my hair into layers and dye it, something that is done by almost all young girls, whereas I don’t like artificially looking hair. I always wonder why right after finishing schools young girls hurry to look older through dying their hair, making up as much as possible preferring an artificial look, or jumping into high heels for “visiting” the universities they will study at.

Another good news is that finally I recognized what is to breath with two nostrils!! 😉 It’s about a month that I am visiting my doctor and he puts a strange medical device on my veins, and I swear now I feel the difference, from the beginning I didn’t believe that it’d help, but it does! At the moment I got flu, and sorry to write about this, but I am able to blow my nose! Well, you won’t understand what I mean if one of your nostrils haven’t been clogged for the past 10 years. It’s kind of a blessing 😉

Well, many things… ~~ and this much for now.
The weather is dull, cold, but I’m glad that it’s time to wear my still old top-boots and coat. Yeah, just on that, I got tired looking for proper boots with low heels and without any knick-knackery on them, and yeah, most important, of my size, so decided to have them made…will do it …mmm…tomorrow!!!

3 Responses to “Some things…”

  1. Iren Says:

    You are a funny nice girl!

  2. Kh. Khorin Says:

    Zara, I think , that you are the one around life, but not the life around you..

  3. Zarchka Says:

    Might be the case 😉

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