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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

December 26, 2007

I trimmed our Xmas tree in the beginning of the week and already got my first New Year present!!!

Not saying much, just wishing everyone happy New Year! Let the coming year be time for joy and happiness, let it bring you everything you wish, let it be full of pleasant surprises… and expect one from me 😉

Merry…merry…merry… !!!



Update: Save Teghut Forest! Puppet theatre at Nubarashen special school #11

December 17, 2007

Thanks to vhovhan who informed me about their intention to take a puppet theatre to Nubarashen special school #11. This is a group of young activists whose initiative is to bring change about the everyday life of these children and not only. Incidentally, this is also exactly the group of young people who rose their concern about destruction of Teghut Forest with the purpose of exploitation of the ore mine by the Armenian Copper Program (ACP). Recently this group visited Teghut Forest to see it personally and talk to the dwellers of adjacent areas. A young activist Ovsanna posts her impressions and discoveries:

We used to think that villagers were against forest destruction because they care about their health, but in reality they were happy, because now they could have work. They didn’t know their children could develop health problems from the mine and they didn’t care about it. I didn’t even speak about the trees and animals. It would be useless to talk about animals when people don’t even care about their children. But, no, they told us, they do think about their children. The mine will give them an opportunity to earn money and send their children to Yerevan city. They were also falsely informed about the number of trees to be cut down, because when we asked them if they knew how many trees will be cut, they answered “100”. In reality, over 170.000 trees are going to disappear.
The villagers didn’t believe us when we told them we are just young activist who left our jobs to come and fight for nature. They think somebody paid us to do this.They no longer believe that humans will do something for nothing.
This is a very poor village and a cooper mine is a real “dream” for them. I want to mention the last thing they told us “They give us money, we are on their side. You give us money, we will be on yours”. MONEY…. KILLER MONEY!


Why luxury of cars and mobiles!

December 6, 2007

Always thought that mobile phones are just a means of communication, while cars being that of transportation and not luxury. However, with the current crappy telecommunication provider Armentel disfunctioning for most of the time (still fixing something) and traffic jams caused not that much because of the construction going on in Yerevan, but because of abundance of cars, I’m happy I purchased my new mobile, which now is mainly used as mp3 player, and just on that especially when I get stuck in a traffic jam every day on my way home.

So now I change my opinion – mobile phones must have as much functions and be as entertaining as possible in order to have something to busy yourself when you are stuck in a van with dumb faces looking at each other and shoutings, signals and noises outside, while you can put on your headphones and enjoy the mess outside listening to your favorite music, unless something more interesting is happening inside the “marshrutka” ;).
And just on that, cars must also be very comfortable with all the necessary equipments inside, so that you do not have to get frozen and nervous when waiting in a jam and giving way to stubborn drivers who think they’ll run their turn to break the congestion. (more…)