Why luxury of cars and mobiles!

Always thought that mobile phones are just a means of communication, while cars being that of transportation and not luxury. However, with the current crappy telecommunication provider Armentel disfunctioning for most of the time (still fixing something) and traffic jams caused not that much because of the construction going on in Yerevan, but because of abundance of cars, I’m happy I purchased my new mobile, which now is mainly used as mp3 player, and just on that especially when I get stuck in a traffic jam every day on my way home.

So now I change my opinion – mobile phones must have as much functions and be as entertaining as possible in order to have something to busy yourself when you are stuck in a van with dumb faces looking at each other and shoutings, signals and noises outside, while you can put on your headphones and enjoy the mess outside listening to your favorite music, unless something more interesting is happening inside the “marshrutka” ;).
And just on that, cars must also be very comfortable with all the necessary equipments inside, so that you do not have to get frozen and nervous when waiting in a jam and giving way to stubborn drivers who think they’ll run their turn to break the congestion.

Guess I never thought about it unless the phenomena started appearing in Yerevan at a very accelerated rate. In fact, it takes me more than an hour to get home every day. And today when I had just an hour and needed to go to bank, I decided to take van on order to do it quickly and not to get frozen (otherwise I prefer walking). So, on the way back, seeing the traffic jam on Aleq Manukyan street the driver just turned around and stopped refusing to keep on going and telling everyone to get down. So we had no option but to do it and go on foot. And I do not really blame the driver, why should he bother himself!! Especially when the policemen are bringing order only at Khandjyan-Tigran Mets intersection, by the famous Khandjyan pit, which is being dug again…surprise, surprise!!.. What’s going on??!! At other intersections you can see no policeman, and no wonder that no green or red lights matter for drivers, even when you cross the intersection from the zebra part.

In a word, don’t take cars, just walk and listen to music!


2 Responses to “Why luxury of cars and mobiles!”

  1. Zarchka Says:

    Just found that Anush over at The Armenian Patchwork blog also has a post about the construction and traffic mess in Yerevan, mainly dwelling upon the situation in another part of the city, accompanied by photos.

    Guess people are loosing their patience 😉

  2. Economy, Society: The Week in The Armenian Blogosphere « The Armenian Observer Blog Says:

    […] from Life Around Me has discoveries of her own, exploring mobile phones and cars in the […]

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