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“It’s Your Choice” NGO’s PRELIMINARY STATEMENT on observation mission of the February 19, 2008, presidential election in Armenia

February 25, 2008

The observers of the It’s Your Choice (IYC), a non-governmental domestic election monitoring organization, monitored the February 19 presidential election in all 1923 polling stations of Armenia.

A day prior to the voting day the IYC monitored the sessions of electoral commissions and other relevant procedures held that day.

On the Election Day the IYC monitored the activities of electoral commissions, legality of voting and ballot counting, environment inside and outside polling stations, and expression of the voters’ free will.

As a result of the observation of the presidential election of 2008, the It’s Your Choice observed some tension and incidents which occurred during the voting process. According to our estimation, the tension was stimulated by the environment of intolerance dominating the entire official campaign period as well as impermissible methods of electoral campaigning irrespective of the principles of democratic elections, which were also emphasized in the IYC pre-election report.

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Environmental Exhibition

February 19, 2008

Dear photographers,
We would like to invite you to participate in the environmental exhibition “BECOME THE VOICE OF VOICELESS’ which will take place from 14 March to 5 April in NPAK.

Mostly photos will be exhibited, but there will be also paintings, sculptures, video art, etc.
The exhibited photos will present the untouched nature as well as polluted and damaged areas. The exhibition aims at arousing love and care in our society towards the nature and animals, contributing to the development of eco-consciousness and informing people about the crucial environmental problems. In the frames of the exhibition there will be also eco-seminars, films on environmental topics, rock and classical music concerts, etc.

We are open to cooperation and will be happy to get to know your ideas and suggestions.
Thank You.

Art Sharing

February 8, 2008

For everyone interested in art, I want to drive your attention to two sites.

First is a newly created site “Art Sharing” for everyone who have their works, amateur or professional, in prose, poetry, painting, music and consider them interesting to be posted there and shared with others. There’s also a comment section for discussion. Very interesting indeed, and I do recommend joining it!!!

Second is the newly launched 3rd edition of “Inknagir” literary magazine. However, the on-line magazine, especially the English section is not filled with many materials yet, as far as its presentation took place several days ago. Hopefully, new materials will appear soon, meanwhile you can have a look at it here.