Become the voice of voiceless!!!

Environmental Exhibition

Photo by Mariam Sukhudyan

If you ever find a free time to kill till April 20, I advise you to visit the environmental exhibition titled “Become the voice of voiceless” at NPAK (Armenian center for contemporary experimental art). I blogged about this event, as well as the previous activities (Teghut Forest destruction in particular) carried out by this group of young environmental activists before.

The aim of this exhibition is to react to the urgent ecological issues through raising public awareness and developing environmental ethic through initiating various activities. Incidentally, it was the successful intervention of this young people due to which the destruction of a natural monument called Garni’s “Stone Symphony” was halted.

This much about the official part.

I must admit that I was deeply touched during the exhibition. I had the feeling that those big photos of animals and nature were staring at me with begging eyes to listen to their voice, to understand. I must also admit that some sadness was sensed in the atmosphere, some unease, which double the concern reminding that the problems are right there at the threshold and need urgent solutions. Photos of the untouched nature and clean sky in parallel with destroyed forests and polluted rivers, happy photos of animals with loving and caring people, and those of dead animals killed by the human for different purposes. That was quite impressive!

I want to thank to these several young people for a sincere organization of these activities and alerting to the concerning phenomena in our country, as well as for providing those voiceless creatures with the opportunity to speak through their voice. I want to hope that these kind of activities will achieve their goal to the extent that no other environmental protests and exhibitions will be needed in the future.

But before that, also take part in the upcoming events and activities of the exhibition:

FILM SCREENINGS /April 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 16:00/TREE PLANTING Noubarashen Orphanage /April 6/



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    […] Around Me reports that an environmental exhibition that will run until 20 April has opened in the Armenian cap…. Become the Voice of Voiceless aims to raise awareness of some of the main environmental problems […]

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