Follow the Rock Festivals!!!

UPDATED: The first two festivals are now behind – Rock & Dram festival, where we performed for about 30 minites, and Green Fest rock festival with participation of 9 bands. Guess the concerts were a success!!!

Metal attack festival is yet to take place on April 18, this Friday. Four Georgian and two Armenian bands are to play that day.

METAL ATTACK FESTIVAL and Vibrographus proudly present the METAL ATTACK FESTIVAL. All metalheads are invited to the Yerevan Puppet Theatre on 18th of April, where the flagmen of Armenian extreme metal, the bands Stryfe and Sworn will share the stage with 4 Georgian bands. The bands chosen to shake the Armenian metal scene are Im Nebel (black metal), Bohema (grindcore), Angel of Disease (death metal) and Monofucktura (metalcore). As always Vibrographus will provide professional sound and lighting, while more than 4 hourse of extreme music will satisfy even the most demanding metalhead.


One Response to “Follow the Rock Festivals!!!”

  1. Houbi Says:

    Do you know anything about a jazz festival in Yerevan this summer. Would you please e-mail me if you find out any information on this.

    Thanks a lot

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