Scary eyes

Not from a horror film, but everywhere around… young girls… they think it is fashionable and should be attracting or beautiful, but this is how I describe poeple with colored lenses – scary!!!

And the number of girls with dollish eyes is increasing around me – some friends, neighbors, acquaintances, people passing me by – looking like zombies, with nothing saying eyes, with no expression in them at all, just strange colors, blue, green, grey, so much alike and vividly artificial. And I always avoid those artificial looks, always had the feeling that people try to hide their self-being behind those lanses, as they say “eyes are the mirror of the soul”, and any desire to talk to people with frozen eyes disappears the next moment.

Why is this trend? Is it really beautiful or am I exaggerating something? They do not have eyesight problems, they do not have a role in a movie, where a girl with sea-deep blue eyes is needed. Do they have mental problems?

… how much I like my dark brown eyes…!!!


12 Responses to “Scary eyes”

  1. impression28 Says:

    colored lenses do look awful and arificial. guys, why do we have to pretend so much? why can’t we be ourselves???

  2. Global Voices Online » Armenia: Fashion Zombies Says:

    […] in changing their appearance to match foreign ideas of fashion and beauty. In particular, the blog says that the current trend of wearing artificial-looking and colored contact lenses has turned many of them into something looking more resembling zombies than anything remotely […]

  3. R Says:

    As a blue-eyed male I find female Armenian brown eyes endlessly fascinating.

  4. Zarchka Says:

    I am touched 😉

  5. Anna Says:

    i tried to post my comment, i guess smth heppened and i lost it..
    second try.

    As a naturally blue-eyed Armenian woman, i think Armenian eyes are beautiful independently from the color. For me, it is the shape, which matters.

    As per the lenses, i think it is a matter of personal choice and nobody’s business. If someone wants to be (at least for one day) blue-eyed or brown-eyed, then why not? i think it is absolutely not correct to name those people “zombies” or to say they have mental problems.. someone changes color of his/her hair, someone changes mood, changes opinion, airticket or his girlfriend, and someone changes the color of their eyes.. does anybody say how thin or fat you are? or, what a big belly you have when you are still 30? probably yes. is it corrent to say what is right or what is wrong for other people? probably not.

  6. Zarchka Says:

    Anna, thanks for the comment. As you said, it is to anybody’s choice, I don’t argue and don’t want to insult anybody. However, my choice is not to communicate to people whose real eyes are hidden beyond the lenses, not the fat or thin people with multiple opinions or moods, but especially those who have artificially created appearance, gestures, tone, way of speaking, etc, as far as I don’t like people playing fool, and I appreciate everything natural and honest. Well, probably you’re right, not mental problems they have, but psychological 😉 .

  7. Alana Says:

    Zarchka,I do agree with Anna to some extent.
    Me too,I appreciate highly everything natural and honest,but the problem in our society in particular is that it takes lot of courage to be yourself,to act naturally and don’t depend on fashion and tends,but do what you like and what you think is good. So this people should understand that being yourself i s worth of losing all the fashionable manners. And those who are courage to be themselves should be a role model for others and not to judge 🙂

  8. Zarchka Says:

    Well said, Alana.

    Actually, the thing is that we mostly do what the others want us to do, consequently we look the way they want us to look. Everything is done to please the others. Wearing lenses also because most of the guys in Armenia like blue-eyed girls, is a cheap step, methinks – guess that may be the reason of the tend.

    You want to wear shining dresses and do a stunning make up in a daylight, please, do it, you want to wear lenses and enchant people with your penetrating glancec, please, do it, but when you ask me how you look, unlike you prefering lying to yourself, I will be honest with myself, and tell how artificial and unnatural you look.

    No, I am not the one who has the right to judge, but I can describe the reality 😉

  9. Elly Says:


    Maybe partly it’s because of the lack of self-confidence. Maybe, those gils depend on public opinion too much and they think that artificial blue eyes will make them more attractive.

    What is more important and what they forget is that the look is what people get attarcted to, not the colour. And the look can’t be faked, because it’s coming from within, showing who you really are.


    I know what you mean telling that it takes courage. I lived 10 years abroad since I was 12 and came back to Armenia after I finished the university. Believe me, very often I was disccussed as a “wierdo”, who doesn’t want to follow the croud. I did not change my values and principals during the past 9 years of my life in Armenia and to be honest I don’t regret it at all. If after a hard day at work my legs don’t hurt cause I did not wear those trendy high heels I have for special occasions and if that makes me a wierdo, then it’s ok.

    And what is needed I think and what young Armenian girls lack is the feeling of what to wear when and where, which is the constructive part of that nice thing called “style”


    Please check out the blog I made few months ago as a humble try to join that sphere

    Have a nice day!

  10. Zarchka Says:

    the lack of feeling of what to wear when and where is a common thing in Armenia, that’s why you see girls on high heels at universities, at markets, in the streets, in parks and so on, which is rather funny than stylish, so that’s not a surprize any more. One can only question who is the weirdo 😉

  11. Elly Says:


    Thanx! I forgot to mention that I really liked your blog and have bookmarked it.
    I see that I am getting new visitors, your blog being a refferal link. If you would care posting my url on your blog and me having your blog under my favourite links, please let me know.

  12. Zarchka Says:

    Thank you too. I have already added your blog in my blogroll 🙂

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