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May 23, 2008


I’m glad to inform you that VIbrographus sound company, the one organizing a number of rock concerts in Armenia, has updated its website, and although not all the sections are filled with materials yet, however, you can still find some photos from the past concerts as well as be informed about the upcoming concerts and events, one of which is the VO.X live concert at the Puppet Theatre on June 3.

VGS is a group of professionals with huge experience in providing both musicians and audience with superior sound related services.
Currently VGS is one of the most powerful sound companies in the local market, having the most contemporary sound and light equipment, powered by experience of musicians. The main advantage of VGS is that it is not just some another company having equipment, but the one having only professional musicians in its staff, who clearly understands what you need and how to do it effectively.

VGS believes in sound and that it should be as clear and as powerful as it is possible.

… is like a red red rose…

May 11, 2008

Here was one of my flowers, and here is another, the so called Chinese Rose.
This is how they grant me for taking care of them.

So lovely!!!