Soapy operas

Soapy operas

Guess we took it literally 😉

– No more serials about criminals (aka goghagan ashkharh) and usage of jargon!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….!!!! Don’t make me laugh!!!!!!! Couldn’t resist, really!!!

So anounces the TV channel Armenia, which broadcasts 4 such serials, at least 2 out of which are the most obnoxious, disgusting, senseless…. “serials” … (yeah, I did watch a bit to come to this conclusion)…

Ridiculous,, ridiculous!!! Riiiidiiiiiiculous!!!

Guess after shooting most part of their serials in saunas where the “good guys” stay in a queue to shag whores… now they all decided to shoot historical films… mmm… alas~~ I won’t see those dangling soapy bodies any more… or who knows… after all we have had the culture of old bath-houses.

(Intended to be short, but can’t)

Personally, I have nothing against soap operas, if they are produced in a dully manner, plus theatre actors have the chance to present themselves to the wide range of the society and be known to some extent. Ironically, now we are so much used to unprofessional film directors like Gor Vardanyans and “actors” who are mainly their acquaintances, that when you tell someone that this or that actor plays in this or that theatre for many years now, they get surprised… hmm.. so comes that there are also professional actors playing in serials. However, actors claim, that more people visit theatres now to see their favorite actors, although the roles they have in theatres are different form the image of “good guys” they play in serials.

I compare the trend of shooting soap operas in Armenia now with the huge number of lottos which several years ago appeared like mushrooms… along with the time they all disappeared and only one survived… never mind – we just have the trend of not remaining behind,,, and do what was another one’s idea, even if we don’t know a shit about that idea and the means to realize that.

Influence – to learn the influence of those “Vorogayts”, “Vrijarus”, “goghakan ashxarh” and stuff like that on our FUTURE GENERATION, please, please, please… visit this site, pictures right from


People, jargon is not the slang, nor the street language, it is one layer of the colloquial vocabulary, which covers the language used by people who work in a particular area or who have a common interest, it may not be comprehensible to the outsider, or could involve the use of familiar words with different meanings as well as abbreviations, acronyms. There can be professional jargon – technical, trade, military, sport, political, religious, medical, IT, etc.. etc..

Eeeehhh ….


3 Responses to “Soapy operas”

  1. Tigran Says:

    Zar jan lavn er kalamburd “Soapy operas with soapy bodies” .. Inch xosq vat azdecutyun en toxnum poqreri vra , bayc ghisntn asac cavoq bavakan el realistik en karcum em shat epizodner u yes nuynisk zgalov ayd thaghutyun@ mek-mek klanvum em , cavoq ays depqum , karoxacel en rejisor kochecyalner@ tuyl chtal meqsiko-brazilakan serialneri sxalner@ , inch vor shargh ka filmerum , vor@ kercnum e ayd amboxgh kext@ , inch kases ???

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Tigran, yes ed realizmic ay.. ay minchev estexs hognel u zzvel em… tpavorutyuna vor bolors henc ed realizmn enq chanachum… urish realizm chka??? enqan problematic dashter kan, enqan xndirneri masin karelia filmer nkarel (ete npatake xndraharuyc temanern en), bayc ari u tes vor kpel enq ed goxakan apushutyunnerin u pok chenq galis… 1, 2, 3, laaaaav haskacanq… el…uriish??? mtqi trichqn edqanov ankuma aprum???? axr .. henc eda,, enqan ankuma aprum, vor kam mtqi, kam taxavarneri bacakayutyan, kam el filmi byujeyi hashvin mek angam evs saunayum linelu shanse bac chtoxnelu nkrtumnerov` bolor serialnerum goxakanneri handipume saunaneruma linum 😀
    aaaah… tuyl tur stanislavskiutyun anel – chem havatummm!!!!!

  3. Tigran Says:

    Ha iharke hastat shat aveli lurj u ushadrutyan@ arghani dashter kan vor barci toxi vighakum en Hayastanum u lav rejisorner@ karoxanum en lav filmer stexcel andradarnalov drancic voroshnerin irenc axqatic byujenerov,sakayn kasei anushadrutyan en matnvum .. bayc inchpes asum er im mi tsanot rejisor “aysor film@ nax ev araj petq e ir tsaxser@ et beri” matnanshelov mer mi qani “gerrejisorneri” voronq stanum en bjugheic kinomatografiayin hatkacvats gumarneri aryutsi baghin@ u nvazaguyn handisates berum … De tyur karciq chstexcvi te yes koxmnakic em filmeri komercionizacman Holivudyan tarberakin (i verjo film@ nax arvest e ) , bayc mi ban hstak e , vor ayd filmer@ handisates unen cavoq , aysinqn Zar jan xndir@ aveli xorn e , xndir@ mer degradaciayi mej e , mer merntaliteti mej e , erb urishi gorcer@ merinic hetaqrqir en .. P.S . naev hamacayn em vor henc aydpisi film@ npastum e ayd ankman xoracman@ ……

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