“2 astgh” SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Was made to watch that “2 astgh” stuff for several minutes… and God!!! How much that thing sucks!!! It is incredible…  how people tolerate it?? Who is the “astgh” who is not, who is the singer, who is the non-singer?? Really difficult to define!!!  If there are musicians on the stage with their instruments, aren’t they meant to play, and not pretend as if they’re playing, whereas the CD music is doing the trick.  How to make those people believe that they and their “show” sucks big time…?!!! (As if they don’t know it)… It is on National TV, isn’t it?? So, doesn’t it come out that, in fact, I pay for that stuff???  I mean that some small part of the taxes I pay are wasted away for making that junk!!!!!!!!!!  Hmmmmmm????

Eeeeeeh………… inch zzveliaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. To remember never to switch on the H1 channel, if I don’t want to have negative emotions!


4 Responses to ““2 astgh” SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Elly Says:

    I don’t watch Armenian TV and news on any other channels to save myself from all the negative, tasteless and unquality feelings.

    the saddest thing is that most of the people who watch it consider those singers to be stars and the show is watched and liked. It emans that these days people like me and you are becoming outsiders.

  2. Zarchka Says:

    and how can you resist not watching Armenian TVs ?? heheeee ;)))))

    yea, you’re right, it’s sad… so sad…
    however, in this case I don’t mind being an outsider 😉

  3. Avo Says:

    “2 Astgh” it’s a program which degrades our society. I have watched it several times, and found out for me that the best singer in “2 Astgh” is Aram mp3 who is not singer at all. All our so called “stars” are frictional.
    It is nonsense – all singers, who sing good songs (which has some sense and sounds well), who really sings and not only opens and closes his mouth as animal, are non famous in Armenia, and they haven’t their place in TV music programs. In contrast of this all who has money for nice dresses, makeups, foolish video clips, become or it seems them that they become “stars”. The last ones degrade our society.

    People stopped to understand what is good and what is bad, they take all what they are given. And it is mortal for Armenia !!! We listen the real sound of our singers only when they go to Eurovision.

    I get very sad when I compare russian “2 zvezdi” and our “2 astgh”, russian one is 10 times 100 time better. It’s sad but true.

  4. Zarchka Says:

    Avo, I guess those two “2 astghs” are even incomparable, so different they seem and sound 😉 ))))

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