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On April 24… Գարուն ա … Ձուն ա արել…

April 24, 2007

And though I’m short of time, two things made me write this.

For the last time in Yerevan it has snowed in April 27 years ago, and that was in early April. As long as I remember it has always rained on April 24, the day when all Armenians all over the world mourn the Genocide. And people used to say that even the nature, the sky is mourning along with Armenians. This has always been a sad day and the rain would make the grief canvas even heavier.

I would never think that it would snow in mid Spring, that it would snow on April 24. The day is gloomy. And though it has been snowing heavily, it doesn’t hold people from attending the memorial and placing flowers around the eternal flame at Tsitsernakaberd,
I respect.

But now when it was snowing, the atmosphere is somewhat depressing more than ever. Spontaneously I remember Paruyr Sevak’s words from his “Anlreli Zangakatun” which tingle in my ears and pass on my lips and don’t leave my thoughts throughout the day – and not only. “Գարուն ա… Ձուն ա արել…” (It’s spring and it has snowed)

Խանգարե՞լ, ինչի՞ համար…

Գարուն էր չեկած ամառ`
Փուլ եկավ երկնակամար,
Ձյուն մաղեց մեր բաց գլխին,
Ձյուն մաղեց` կրակի պես…
Գարուն ա, ձուն ա արել…

And one more thing which rose my anger while I was watching news on TV yesterday. Will anyone give any constructed explanation as to why Dashnaks are keeping on burning Turkish flag every time before their march to Tsitsernakaberd, and at the memorial the previous night? (more…)


Moscow nightmares – Life in fear

January 29, 2007

Moscow, 23 pm.
We take metro, my station is the last one, so I farewell my friends in the half way. As I get to the final point I try to get through my relative who is supposed to meet me at the metro exit. But I’m out of coverage, so I can’t call her. As I reach the final steps of the underground I notice a group of young Russians at the exit. My phone still refuses to work.

“It’s dangerous, never walk alone in Russia” as I remember people’s advice to me. I’m well aware of the innocent deaths of many Armenians (mentioning the last case and the ones I blogged about in the past). I want to chicken, but I also have to walk some 500 meters alone. I gather my black hair and cover with my hat, round the scarf over my mouth, put the cell-phone into my pocket, clench my fists ready for hitting if anything, and do my fastest and biggest steps ever in my life. Don’t ever remember me dreading so much. As I walked, I tried to peep back to make sure that no one follows me. When I turn to the corner my phone works and I call my relative asking her to open the door. “What? You are downstairs?”,- she utters.


Moscow nightmares – What’s the difference

January 29, 2007

Moscow. Daytime.
A relative and I get into the metro train and occupy the seat in the end of the carriage. We start talking. A middle aged man with a brief case, sitting in front of us is looking at us strangely. Finally he sits on the edge of seat as to be closer to us and to be heard. Instead, we feel the vodka with which he stinks.
– Do you know that Georgian girls are being caught here as well?, – he asks with as if nothing meaning but mean smile.
I look at my relative, she hints me not to react. The man is gazing at us boorishly.
– But we are not Georgians,- answers my relative with a smile and we again go on talking to each other.


Russian pop-singer Jasmine beaten by skinheads?

July 4, 2006

I was in shock when I learnt the news of Russian pop-singer Jasmine being severely beaten up for two days in the settlement Zhukovka. I thought probably this is another chain of rumors unless I found this in Russian International Network site.

Pop-singer Jasmine was delivered from the settlement Zhukovka into one of Moscow hospitals with the numerous injuries and the brain concussion, media report.

On Tuesday the emergency service received the call from the settlement Zhukovka. The doctors arrived to the place found there the well-known singer, whom at first they could not recognize because of the numerous abrasions on her face.

The girl was taken to the hospital, where after examination she was diagnosed to have closed craniocerebral injury, the break of the back of nose, plural hematomas and asthenic syndrome. The singer was in the deep psychological shock.

Jasmine told to the doctors that she had been beaten for two days; however, she refused to talk to the journalists. After rendering the first aid to the singer, the physicians sent telephone message into the militia, since, judging by the nature of injuries, they could have criminal origin. At the present moment the police conduct investigation on the fact of causing serious damages, criminal case is not filed so far.