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The grandfather

August 15, 2007

It has been long I promised my grandma to take her to the center for a walk, and never found time. Particularly she wanted to see Cascade, because she hadn’t been there for years. This must be funny, because my grandma is one of those few native Yerevantsis and whenever she happens to pass by “Khnko Apor” library she always repeats that their house was right in place of that library and she lived there up to her 23s before getting married and moving to one end of the city. And though my grandma is a wonderful woman this entry is not going to be about her.

Well, I was waiting at Tamanyan statue to meet my grandma. She was being late. A small aged man with a pitiful expression of face, with only 4 front teeth and carrying a big bag approached a girl waiting next to me.

“I want it for food. I need food. For bread, I need money for bread!”, – he was repeating. The girl turned her back and moved aside. The man followed her. The girl came back, the man after him, and for a moment he stood right in front of me. He looked at me and said nothing. His eyes were full of desperation that I thought he was about to cry. I never met him here before, because beggars usually do not change their places, as it is distributed among their membership, no kidding, once I witnessed how they were having a gathering somewhere close to Cascade and their boss was giving commands. And in general, is it only me thinking that their number is increasing, as I see new faces at every corner now? However, I might be wrong, and he might be one of “local” beggars, but I didn’t mind anyways.

– What do you want? – I asked.
– Bread.
– I will buy bread for you.
– We are 8 in the family, we don’t have rice and oil. Will you buy rice?
– No, I will buy one bread.
– One? For 8 people?? (Yeah, he was impudent. Actually they all are, and that’s what I don’t like in them).
– I will buy two. (more…)