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“Culture belongs to everyone” and a bike tour

October 30, 2007

On November 2, at 1p.m., in front of Moscow cinema, “Unison” NGO organizes an undertaking titled “Culture belongs to everyone”, targeted to directing the attention of the society towards the problem of cultural integration of the disabled.

Take part and contribute to the cultural integration of persons with disabilities in our country!
Via Big Family

Sireli Barekam

Noyemberi 2-in, jame 13:00, Sharl Aznavuri Hraparakum (“Moskva” Kinotathroni harevanutyamb) “Unison” hasarakakan kazmakerputyune anckacnelu e annaxadep akcia”Mshakuyte bolorin e” xoragrov: Akciayi npatakn e ` gravel akciayi ushadrutyune hashmandamneri mshakutayin integracman xndrin, vori lutsmane metsapes xochndotum e mshakutayin ojaxneri fizikakan anmatcheliutyune saylak ogtagortsogh ev ayl sakavasharj mardkanc hamar:
Ays iravitchaki patcharov bazmathiv hashmandamner (inchpes kataroghner, aynpes el arvestagetner) zrkvats en mshakutayin ancudardzin masnakcelu hnaravorutyunic: Mievnuyn jamanak, zargacats erkrenerum hashmandamutyun unecox shat arvestagetner vayelum en hamashxarhayin hambav (orinak Stivi Wonder, Andrea Bocheli ev ayln):
Akcian kbacvi hashmandamneric baxkacats “Nor dzayner” vokal xmbi katarmamb: Baci ayd hamergin kmasnakcen Hayastani estradayin ergichner Arsen Grigoryane, Leyla Saribekyane, Anna Xachatryane,Tovmas Poghosyane ev urishner:Masnakceq akciayin ev Xthaneq hashmandamneri mshakutayin integrume mer erkrum:
Lracucich teghekutyunneri hamar 52 21 70
Tsragirn irakanacvum e HH-um Britanakan Xorhrdi Ajakcutyamb…


Yerevan vs Cairo – Fighting!

August 20, 2007

No doubt, I’m just destined to appear at the most fussy places. A correction – it was not fussy, it was a huge fight!!!

A friend plays in Yerevan basketball team for the currently going 4th Pan-Armenian Games. Being a basketball fan I went to see their game with Cairo and cheer for him. This would be their second game after yesterday’s game with Kiev. Today I also saw the Kiev vs Geneva match, and I must admit that school basketball league I used to play in was far far better from that of Kiev.

Anyways, everything seemed to be calm when they started. However, on the tenth minute, at score 18:18 I hardly managed to look to the left when the playground was already crowded with people beating each other, throwing chairs, cursing and hitting with every possible stuff. It took an instant, really. Such a huge mess!

What caused this? A Yerevan player noticed that Cairo was playing roughly. A Cairo player pushed the Yerevan player, another player saw this and pushed the one who pushed his friend. That’s it. And it took an instant for everyone to jump to the playing area and start beating each other. Someone hit the Yerevan coach, the latter bumped another one. A Cairo player got a serious bump on his head, and it was blooding. Well, you must already guess the continuation… (more…)