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First Eco Riksha In Armenia

August 21, 2008


Dear nature lovers,

A group of young environmentalist, who are worried about the ecological situation of Yerevan, wants to promote an ecologically clean transportation mean that is new for Armenia – Riksha.
Riksha, that cyclist Samvel Hovhannisyan has made, is very popular in foreign countries, thus can have its positive impact on the ecological situation of our city.
Riksha might be also an attraction for tourists and guests of the capital.

Riksha can transport two passengers at a time.

Height 1.73m
Width 1.10m
Length 2.70m
Mean speed at flat area 20-22 km/h
Capacity – two passengers
Please join us with your bicycles, as we are going to have a bike-tour with the Riksha in the city center on August 22, at 19:00, near Moskva cinema.

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I’ll tell you secretly, that I’ve already had the pleasure of having a joy ride in this Riksha when it was being tested yet 😉 … And that was great!!!!! Join the presentation of Riksha!!!!


Why luxury of cars and mobiles!

December 6, 2007

Always thought that mobile phones are just a means of communication, while cars being that of transportation and not luxury. However, with the current crappy telecommunication provider Armentel disfunctioning for most of the time (still fixing something) and traffic jams caused not that much because of the construction going on in Yerevan, but because of abundance of cars, I’m happy I purchased my new mobile, which now is mainly used as mp3 player, and just on that especially when I get stuck in a traffic jam every day on my way home.

So now I change my opinion – mobile phones must have as much functions and be as entertaining as possible in order to have something to busy yourself when you are stuck in a van with dumb faces looking at each other and shoutings, signals and noises outside, while you can put on your headphones and enjoy the mess outside listening to your favorite music, unless something more interesting is happening inside the “marshrutka” ;).
And just on that, cars must also be very comfortable with all the necessary equipments inside, so that you do not have to get frozen and nervous when waiting in a jam and giving way to stubborn drivers who think they’ll run their turn to break the congestion. (more…)

Five things about “marshutkas” – vans

September 18, 2007

Well, actually I like traveling to any place by marshutkas and I take a taxi on rare occasions and also I don’t want to drive, especially in this manic city, though had the opportunity when some years ago my dad asked to look from the window to find there a cute car he was about to buy for me. You may think it’s stupid, but I didn’t accept that present. Yeah, I know, marshutkas are not that safe, some people call them “100-dram-killers”. However, I don’t mind other people around me, I rather prefer it, especially when so funny incidents and conversations happen in them. And but for several things, marshutkas would be my adorable means of transportation.

1. After the accident when several years ago two or three marshutkas crashed and several people died, kind of a rule was set that marshutkas shouldn’t take more people than the number of sits in the vehicle. As a result the drivers rebelled and increased the charge from 50 to 100 drams. However, less than a month later marshutkas were packed again and even the operation of new buses didn’t save the situation. So up to now as they drive by, one can see some bums smashed over the door windows, while people inside resemble canned fishes, and when someone from the back sit wants to get off, half of the marshutka gets off along with him to give him way out. Oh, and I don’t talk about the smell, especially in summer and especially when Armenian men do not have the habit of using antiperspirant and think that without taking shower and simply scenting with perfume they’ll get rid of the stink. (more…)