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Become the voice of voiceless!!!

March 31, 2008

Environmental Exhibition

Photo by Mariam Sukhudyan

If you ever find a free time to kill till April 20, I advise you to visit the environmental exhibition titled “Become the voice of voiceless” at NPAK (Armenian center for contemporary experimental art). I blogged about this event, as well as the previous activities (Teghut Forest destruction in particular) carried out by this group of young environmental activists before.

The aim of this exhibition is to react to the urgent ecological issues through raising public awareness and developing environmental ethic through initiating various activities. Incidentally, it was the successful intervention of this young people due to which the destruction of a natural monument called Garni’s “Stone Symphony” was halted. (more…)

Environmental Exhibition

February 19, 2008

Dear photographers,
We would like to invite you to participate in the environmental exhibition “BECOME THE VOICE OF VOICELESS’ which will take place from 14 March to 5 April in NPAK.

Mostly photos will be exhibited, but there will be also paintings, sculptures, video art, etc.
The exhibited photos will present the untouched nature as well as polluted and damaged areas. The exhibition aims at arousing love and care in our society towards the nature and animals, contributing to the development of eco-consciousness and informing people about the crucial environmental problems. In the frames of the exhibition there will be also eco-seminars, films on environmental topics, rock and classical music concerts, etc.

We are open to cooperation and will be happy to get to know your ideas and suggestions.
Thank You.

Update: Save Teghut Forest! Puppet theatre at Nubarashen special school #11

December 17, 2007

Thanks to vhovhan who informed me about their intention to take a puppet theatre to Nubarashen special school #11. This is a group of young activists whose initiative is to bring change about the everyday life of these children and not only. Incidentally, this is also exactly the group of young people who rose their concern about destruction of Teghut Forest with the purpose of exploitation of the ore mine by the Armenian Copper Program (ACP). Recently this group visited Teghut Forest to see it personally and talk to the dwellers of adjacent areas. A young activist Ovsanna posts her impressions and discoveries:

We used to think that villagers were against forest destruction because they care about their health, but in reality they were happy, because now they could have work. They didn’t know their children could develop health problems from the mine and they didn’t care about it. I didn’t even speak about the trees and animals. It would be useless to talk about animals when people don’t even care about their children. But, no, they told us, they do think about their children. The mine will give them an opportunity to earn money and send their children to Yerevan city. They were also falsely informed about the number of trees to be cut down, because when we asked them if they knew how many trees will be cut, they answered “100”. In reality, over 170.000 trees are going to disappear.
The villagers didn’t believe us when we told them we are just young activist who left our jobs to come and fight for nature. They think somebody paid us to do this.They no longer believe that humans will do something for nothing.
This is a very poor village and a cooper mine is a real “dream” for them. I want to mention the last thing they told us “They give us money, we are on their side. You give us money, we will be on yours”. MONEY…. KILLER MONEY!


Save Teghut Forest!

November 21, 2007

Concerns over the possibility of destroying a virgin forest and posing a threat to the adjacent settlements within the next 30-40 years were confirmed several days ago as the government of the Republic of Armenia conceded to the Teghut Copper-molybdenum mine in the province of Lori for exploitation.According to the working plan by Armenian Copper Program (ACP) the exploitation of the ore mine demands logging 357.16 hectares of wood, where the volume of timber will make 57,700 cubic meters.Environmentalists say 170,833 trees will be logged for the exploitation, including rare sorts of walnut, oak, apple and pear trees. In the Teghut woods 55,000 rare and 45,000 valuable trees grow, as well as plants and animal species included in the Red Data List that will likely vanish when the mine is exploited.“Our estimates show about 2,000 hectares of forests will be destroyed for exploitation, creation of the tailing and communication infrastructure. As a result Teghut will become a landslide zone,” says economist Razmik Terteryan.The fuss kicked up by environmentalists somewhat delayed the government’s decision. However, the new Minister of Environmental Protection Aram Harutyunyan, came up with a hasty positive conclusion to the examination set for the issue, thus continuing the work his predecessor Vardan Aivazyan began, despite the minister’s statement for holding another examination within the next one month.The work by the former and the present ministers was approved by Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, who visited the mine in the village of Teghut several days ago to attend the set up of the ore mine. According to the PM any kind of mine exploitation would affect the environment, but the company has taken an obligation [to minimize the negative impact]. “I think there is no need to worry, because the RA government clearly defines the rules of the game and we, as the government, will constantly be supervising the second party of the process,” Sargsyan stated.

Read the rest of ArmeniaNow article. (more…)

“Culture belongs to everyone” and a bike tour

October 30, 2007

On November 2, at 1p.m., in front of Moscow cinema, “Unison” NGO organizes an undertaking titled “Culture belongs to everyone”, targeted to directing the attention of the society towards the problem of cultural integration of the disabled.

Take part and contribute to the cultural integration of persons with disabilities in our country!
Via Big Family

Sireli Barekam

Noyemberi 2-in, jame 13:00, Sharl Aznavuri Hraparakum (“Moskva” Kinotathroni harevanutyamb) “Unison” hasarakakan kazmakerputyune anckacnelu e annaxadep akcia”Mshakuyte bolorin e” xoragrov: Akciayi npatakn e ` gravel akciayi ushadrutyune hashmandamneri mshakutayin integracman xndrin, vori lutsmane metsapes xochndotum e mshakutayin ojaxneri fizikakan anmatcheliutyune saylak ogtagortsogh ev ayl sakavasharj mardkanc hamar:
Ays iravitchaki patcharov bazmathiv hashmandamner (inchpes kataroghner, aynpes el arvestagetner) zrkvats en mshakutayin ancudardzin masnakcelu hnaravorutyunic: Mievnuyn jamanak, zargacats erkrenerum hashmandamutyun unecox shat arvestagetner vayelum en hamashxarhayin hambav (orinak Stivi Wonder, Andrea Bocheli ev ayln):
Akcian kbacvi hashmandamneric baxkacats “Nor dzayner” vokal xmbi katarmamb: Baci ayd hamergin kmasnakcen Hayastani estradayin ergichner Arsen Grigoryane, Leyla Saribekyane, Anna Xachatryane,Tovmas Poghosyane ev urishner:Masnakceq akciayin ev Xthaneq hashmandamneri mshakutayin integrume mer erkrum:
Lracucich teghekutyunneri hamar 52 21 70
Tsragirn irakanacvum e HH-um Britanakan Xorhrdi Ajakcutyamb…


The grandfather

August 15, 2007

It has been long I promised my grandma to take her to the center for a walk, and never found time. Particularly she wanted to see Cascade, because she hadn’t been there for years. This must be funny, because my grandma is one of those few native Yerevantsis and whenever she happens to pass by “Khnko Apor” library she always repeats that their house was right in place of that library and she lived there up to her 23s before getting married and moving to one end of the city. And though my grandma is a wonderful woman this entry is not going to be about her.

Well, I was waiting at Tamanyan statue to meet my grandma. She was being late. A small aged man with a pitiful expression of face, with only 4 front teeth and carrying a big bag approached a girl waiting next to me.

“I want it for food. I need food. For bread, I need money for bread!”, – he was repeating. The girl turned her back and moved aside. The man followed her. The girl came back, the man after him, and for a moment he stood right in front of me. He looked at me and said nothing. His eyes were full of desperation that I thought he was about to cry. I never met him here before, because beggars usually do not change their places, as it is distributed among their membership, no kidding, once I witnessed how they were having a gathering somewhere close to Cascade and their boss was giving commands. And in general, is it only me thinking that their number is increasing, as I see new faces at every corner now? However, I might be wrong, and he might be one of “local” beggars, but I didn’t mind anyways.

– What do you want? – I asked.
– Bread.
– I will buy bread for you.
– We are 8 in the family, we don’t have rice and oil. Will you buy rice?
– No, I will buy one bread.
– One? For 8 people?? (Yeah, he was impudent. Actually they all are, and that’s what I don’t like in them).
– I will buy two. (more…)

Big Family

June 25, 2007

Nubarashen Orphanage #11

I want to drive your attention to a new blog called Big Family – a group of young people who visit orphanage children and spend merry time together. So far they had a web site at though it is still under construction. Now they set up their own blog and write about their visits, the condition of the orphanages and the children with who they have already managed to make friends. The blog seems to be half Armenian half English. Find it here.

ՙԵրեխաները բոլորի ուրախությունն են՚: Արդյոք սա վերաբերվու՞մ է մանկատանը բնակվող երեխաներին. ու՞մ ուրախությունն են նրանք…

Երբ ես Նուբարաշենի գիշերօթիկ դպրոցի երեխաների հետ գնացի Բուսաբանական այգի, կարծես կյանքի մի նոր փուլ սկսվեց ինձ համար: Ինձ այնտեղ ընդունեցին ու սիրեցին: Ու նրանց սերը նման չէր սիրո, որ ես սովոր էի տեսնել: Ինչու՞ են նրանց մեկուսացնում մեր հաարակությունից: Մարդիկ այնքան բան ունեն սովորելու նրանցից:

Երեխաների անմիջականության աստիճանը ուղղակի թափանցիկ էր դարձնում ինձ, քանի որ ես խնդիր չունեի ձևանալու: Նրանք այն հասարակությունը չէին, որի մեջ մենք ենք ապրում, նրանք չեն պահանջում, որ դու ինչ-որ ձև կրես` հագուստի նման: Նրանք քեզ մերկ էլ են սիրում: Տալիս են, տալիս են, տալիս են… չեն էլ մտածում այդ մասին: Նրանք գալիս ու հենց այնպես փաթաթվում էին ինձ: Եթե ուզում էին մի բան անել, ապա անում էին` առանց երկար բարակ քննարկելու, մտածելու և ենթագիտակցորեն վախենալու իրենց ծնողների կարծիքներից: Նրանք այնքան բաց էին, այնքան պատրաստ բարի խոսքեր ասելու, այնքան պատրաստ օգնելու:

This time they visited Nubarashen orphanage #11 to hand in photos taken during the previous visit to botanic garden.


If anyone is ever interested why I don’t blog…

April 17, 2007

Yep, I’m not happy with it, of course, but… I have to busy myself with my forthcoming state exams.Well, it’s rather that they are busing me with themselves. Whatsever. Can’t think of anything else but my spot questions and how I’m going to pass my exams. I guess I mentioned it in some previous post, rather I’m doing it all the time.

I really lament the fact that unfortunately this period coincides with parliamentary elections and I could do so much regarding it, but I already gave up doing anything and am even thinking of not observing the forthcoming elections with IYC, well, if I’m lucky and everything goes well by that time, I might observe for the half of the day, at least something. My first exam is on May 15 and I wouldn’t really like to turn up half prepared or exhausted. But to tell the truth, I am already tired, tired of worrying, though I guess I shouldn’t… just keep calm…

Anyways, some time ago wanted to write about the workshop Civil Society Institute held in Tsaghadzor in participance with several NGO’s and political parties, who were to represent their activities, and young people from several regions. I represented It’s Your Choice, talked about it’s activities, programs, plans and so on. Tthough most of the youth gathered there seemed rather apathetic in being involved in anything, instead, being interested in playing games more than anything… albeit it was well organized.

Interesting it was, when during my presentation a girl, who represented a youth ngo and who incidentally appeared to be a member of CEC, in front of everyone argued with me that the lists with names are being hang in polling stations 29 days before elections, opposing to my statment that they are hang 40 days before elections. She insisted on her point saying that who would hang the lists if the commission is not made up yet, proving once more her ignorance of the Electoral Code, as far as the precinct commission has nothing to do with hanging the lists, it being the responsibility of the department of passports of each community and the heads of the structures, buildings turned into polling stations.


Parading Barekendan

February 18, 2007

A group of youngsters with funny appearances, masks and painted faces walking down the streets, blowing whistles all over the way and making joyous and elated sounds and crying out – “Զարթնեք… Wake up!!».

Via we learn:

Barekendan is an old Armenian traditional festival that we are seeking to revive as a form of civil action by calling upon the citizens to “wake up” and become involved in social processes in Armenia. […]it is an occasion in which people are urged not to be passive and instead alert. As Lent begins the day after Barekendan, it is the final call for people to be uninhibited in their actions prior to the start of a period of fasting.

[…] Seeing as how the Parliamentary elections of 2007 are critical for the democratization processes in Armenia, Barekendan serves as an ideal occasion for the civil society activists to call upon their fellow dormant citizens to “wake up” and become involved. We are seeking to accomplish this goal by organizing a parade and day of festivities on February 18, 2007. On this day, we plan on dressing in costumes, offering face painting, passing out sweets and candies among other treats.

And while people gathered there were mainly those young society activists who you always see at any such occasion, the same message of wakening up the people in a sense was lost in the same whistlings, because when people’s first reaction is “Արա…է՞ս ովքեր են”, “who are these?” or “Երեխեքը ուրախանում են”, “Kids are making fun” supposes itself that from aside people do not think that you call upon them to become active and involved. Of course this will mainly come from the ‘men in black’ aka ‘rabiz’ representatives of the society for who these ‘kids’ seem funny in general.


Women in action

November 26, 2006

As I joined the solidarity march on November 25 to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women only in the half, not much can say about it, especially when Onnik at Oneworld gives a detailed account, but the idea of uniting the youth and bringing them together is rather intriguing though. I wished such demonstrations gave more results and it’d be better to have them sooner than later. Wish this was not just an action to have fun or walk with friends, wish people sincerely fought for their goals overcoming all the difficulties.

Well, as I brought another saying earlier sometimes things just seem to be patriarchycal in Armenian families, аs Armenian men like to boast that “Man is the head of the family”, but in addition to that women secretly say: “And woman is the neck of the family, logically what side the neck turns that side the head will go”. Just women let their husbands vaunt a bit unless they have anything worthy to brag with. So, it was interesting to read on the leaflets they were distributing: “Women have their fingers on the pulse of the community”. Hmmm… let me think… Right!

Again, a question – why did God create the woman later? Answer – After the failure with the first experiment God needed something sublime, more ideal 😉

Anyways, this is a good idea, let’s keep together girls, our power is in our united efforts!!! Not once we have proved that we are good in anything and everything, there’s not an arduous task for us, not a place where we can’t fit in pretty well and take the rule. And who said we are the weaker sex ???!!!