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Soapy operas

December 19, 2008

Soapy operas

Guess we took it literally 😉

– No more serials about criminals (aka goghagan ashkharh) and usage of jargon!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….!!!! Don’t make me laugh!!!!!!! Couldn’t resist, really!!!

So anounces the TV channel Armenia, which broadcasts 4 such serials, at least 2 out of which are the most obnoxious, disgusting, senseless…. “serials” … (yeah, I did watch a bit to come to this conclusion)…

Ridiculous,, ridiculous!!! Riiiidiiiiiiculous!!!

Guess after shooting most part of their serials in saunas where the “good guys” stay in a queue to shag whores… now they all decided to shoot historical films… mmm… alas~~ I won’t see those dangling soapy bodies any more… or who knows… after all we have had the culture of old bath-houses.

(Intended to be short, but can’t) (more…)

Rock The Borders!

September 22, 2008

First time in Armenia “Rock The Borders” international festival will take
place in Yerevan on 28 th day of September at “Children’s Park, ex. Kirov Park”.
Participating bands: Sadist (Italy), Ambehr (Russia), Northern Lights (Turkey, waiting for approval),
The Alchemy (Kazakhstan), Heavy Cross (Georgia), P.I. Light (Georgia),
Stryfe (Armenia), Empyray (Armenia), Dogma (Armenia), Vordan Karmir (Armenia), Bambir (Armenia).

Official site:

First Eco Riksha In Armenia

August 21, 2008


Dear nature lovers,

A group of young environmentalist, who are worried about the ecological situation of Yerevan, wants to promote an ecologically clean transportation mean that is new for Armenia – Riksha.
Riksha, that cyclist Samvel Hovhannisyan has made, is very popular in foreign countries, thus can have its positive impact on the ecological situation of our city.
Riksha might be also an attraction for tourists and guests of the capital.

Riksha can transport two passengers at a time.

Height 1.73m
Width 1.10m
Length 2.70m
Mean speed at flat area 20-22 km/h
Capacity – two passengers
Please join us with your bicycles, as we are going to have a bike-tour with the Riksha in the city center on August 22, at 19:00, near Moskva cinema.

Source –

I’ll tell you secretly, that I’ve already had the pleasure of having a joy ride in this Riksha when it was being tested yet 😉 … And that was great!!!!! Join the presentation of Riksha!!!!

Scary eyes

April 28, 2008

Not from a horror film, but everywhere around… young girls… they think it is fashionable and should be attracting or beautiful, but this is how I describe poeple with colored lenses – scary!!!

And the number of girls with dollish eyes is increasing around me – some friends, neighbors, acquaintances, people passing me by – looking like zombies, with nothing saying eyes, with no expression in them at all, just strange colors, blue, green, grey, so much alike and vividly artificial. And I always avoid those artificial looks, always had the feeling that people try to hide their self-being behind those lanses, as they say “eyes are the mirror of the soul”, and any desire to talk to people with frozen eyes disappears the next moment.

Why is this trend? Is it really beautiful or am I exaggerating something? They do not have eyesight problems, they do not have a role in a movie, where a girl with sea-deep blue eyes is needed. Do they have mental problems?

… how much I like my dark brown eyes…!!!

Follow the Rock Festivals!!!

April 9, 2008


Become the voice of voiceless!!!

March 31, 2008

Environmental Exhibition

Photo by Mariam Sukhudyan

If you ever find a free time to kill till April 20, I advise you to visit the environmental exhibition titled “Become the voice of voiceless” at NPAK (Armenian center for contemporary experimental art). I blogged about this event, as well as the previous activities (Teghut Forest destruction in particular) carried out by this group of young environmental activists before.

The aim of this exhibition is to react to the urgent ecological issues through raising public awareness and developing environmental ethic through initiating various activities. Incidentally, it was the successful intervention of this young people due to which the destruction of a natural monument called Garni’s “Stone Symphony” was halted. (more…)

Environmental Exhibition

February 19, 2008

Dear photographers,
We would like to invite you to participate in the environmental exhibition “BECOME THE VOICE OF VOICELESS’ which will take place from 14 March to 5 April in NPAK.

Mostly photos will be exhibited, but there will be also paintings, sculptures, video art, etc.
The exhibited photos will present the untouched nature as well as polluted and damaged areas. The exhibition aims at arousing love and care in our society towards the nature and animals, contributing to the development of eco-consciousness and informing people about the crucial environmental problems. In the frames of the exhibition there will be also eco-seminars, films on environmental topics, rock and classical music concerts, etc.

We are open to cooperation and will be happy to get to know your ideas and suggestions.
Thank You.

Update: Save Teghut Forest! Puppet theatre at Nubarashen special school #11

December 17, 2007

Thanks to vhovhan who informed me about their intention to take a puppet theatre to Nubarashen special school #11. This is a group of young activists whose initiative is to bring change about the everyday life of these children and not only. Incidentally, this is also exactly the group of young people who rose their concern about destruction of Teghut Forest with the purpose of exploitation of the ore mine by the Armenian Copper Program (ACP). Recently this group visited Teghut Forest to see it personally and talk to the dwellers of adjacent areas. A young activist Ovsanna posts her impressions and discoveries:

We used to think that villagers were against forest destruction because they care about their health, but in reality they were happy, because now they could have work. They didn’t know their children could develop health problems from the mine and they didn’t care about it. I didn’t even speak about the trees and animals. It would be useless to talk about animals when people don’t even care about their children. But, no, they told us, they do think about their children. The mine will give them an opportunity to earn money and send their children to Yerevan city. They were also falsely informed about the number of trees to be cut down, because when we asked them if they knew how many trees will be cut, they answered “100”. In reality, over 170.000 trees are going to disappear.
The villagers didn’t believe us when we told them we are just young activist who left our jobs to come and fight for nature. They think somebody paid us to do this.They no longer believe that humans will do something for nothing.
This is a very poor village and a cooper mine is a real “dream” for them. I want to mention the last thing they told us “They give us money, we are on their side. You give us money, we will be on yours”. MONEY…. KILLER MONEY!


Save Teghut Forest!

November 21, 2007

Concerns over the possibility of destroying a virgin forest and posing a threat to the adjacent settlements within the next 30-40 years were confirmed several days ago as the government of the Republic of Armenia conceded to the Teghut Copper-molybdenum mine in the province of Lori for exploitation.According to the working plan by Armenian Copper Program (ACP) the exploitation of the ore mine demands logging 357.16 hectares of wood, where the volume of timber will make 57,700 cubic meters.Environmentalists say 170,833 trees will be logged for the exploitation, including rare sorts of walnut, oak, apple and pear trees. In the Teghut woods 55,000 rare and 45,000 valuable trees grow, as well as plants and animal species included in the Red Data List that will likely vanish when the mine is exploited.“Our estimates show about 2,000 hectares of forests will be destroyed for exploitation, creation of the tailing and communication infrastructure. As a result Teghut will become a landslide zone,” says economist Razmik Terteryan.The fuss kicked up by environmentalists somewhat delayed the government’s decision. However, the new Minister of Environmental Protection Aram Harutyunyan, came up with a hasty positive conclusion to the examination set for the issue, thus continuing the work his predecessor Vardan Aivazyan began, despite the minister’s statement for holding another examination within the next one month.The work by the former and the present ministers was approved by Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, who visited the mine in the village of Teghut several days ago to attend the set up of the ore mine. According to the PM any kind of mine exploitation would affect the environment, but the company has taken an obligation [to minimize the negative impact]. “I think there is no need to worry, because the RA government clearly defines the rules of the game and we, as the government, will constantly be supervising the second party of the process,” Sargsyan stated.

Read the rest of ArmeniaNow article. (more…)

Some things…

November 20, 2007

I have a bit free time, so decided to post something, though don’t know what to talk about. At the moment everyone and everything is engaged in politics and elections, and I bet mostl of them are fed up with it from the moment they start thinking about it. I belong to that group as well.

Yesterday our entire block didn’t have electricity and everything was dark around. My brother kind of kiddingly said: “Hehe… I see Levon is back”. Now everyone are intrigued by the ex-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s return into the political arena and his efforts to become President of the Republic of Armenia once more. Years of his presidency are remembered by people as “dark years”, to which I referred in this blog long before his “Second Advent”. However, whatever happens and whoever wins the upcoming presidential elections, “dark years” will always serve as metonymy to Mr. Ter-Petrosyan.

On a different note, finally I grew my hair long enough to cut it equally in a line, so that they be of one length. Actually I managed to withstand everyone’s’ persuasions to cut my hair into layers and dye it, something that is done by almost all young girls, whereas I don’t like artificially looking hair. I always wonder why right after finishing schools young girls hurry to look older through dying their hair, making up as much as possible preferring an artificial look, or jumping into high heels for “visiting” the universities they will study at. (more…)